Fat Flush Combo


Lose weight in just 28 Days


Product Description

Fat Flush works in only 7 Days

  • Increases Metabolic rate
  • Provides natural antioxidants
  • Supports weight loss
  • Improves body fat mobilisation
  • Curbs Appetite and many more

Flat Stomach Tea:

  • Reduce feelings of bloating.
  • Natural flavour, aromatic, dominated by rosemary and peppermint.
  • 100% natural blend of selected dried organic herbs.
  • Place in boiling water for a delicious infusion with positive health benefits

Capsicum Supplement:

  • One of the best natural herbs for weight loss.
  • It curbs your appetite, speeds up your metabolism and burns calories.
  • When used daily, it can increase the metabolic rate by 25%.
  • Flat Stomach Power Oats

    A nutritious mineral packers, low calorie, one-stop breakfast that is packed with more dietary fibre than any other grain.


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