Frequently asked questions

Find out some of the more Frequent Questions that we get at Mamas Spices.

+- R3000 depending on your level of activity. You hold the potential to make as much as you wish!

As soon as payment is received. The total of your order includes tax, postage and packaging where applicable.

No, but being active has many benefits. The human body was designed to move so even if you just walk every day, or use the stairs rather than the lift, you are exercising muscles and helping to strengthen yourself. We encourage you to do some physical activity every day. There are simple exercises you can do at home which do not require equipment. The more you move, the more your brain releases feel good chemicals called endorphins.

It all depends on how much you have to lose. Initially you may lose quickly, but some of that is water weight, not fat. It is important to record your starting weight and measurements (waist, hips, thighs) so you can see the difference in a few weeks. It is a good idea to take a “before” picture to motivate you to improve your lifestyle and focus on healthy choices.

All our teas are natural blends of herbs and spices.  However, it could be strongly flavoring the milk for your baby underdeveloped digestive system so we would not recommend using FST whilst breast feeding

Our tea is all natural and holds no extra supplements or additives.  Together with a well balanced diet and exercise you should see the weight drop off easily!

No. You will just reduce that mokhaba and streamline your body shape. Flat Stomach Tea contains herbs which have an anti-inflammatory effect and help reduce bloating and constipation. Your body will function correctly, leaving you feeling slimmer and more vibrant.